Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, or El Morro, is an military site that has been around for over 400 hundred years, only falling once during its lifetime. Take a walk through the slopes to revisit the history of Puerto Rico and to get an astounding view of the ocean.


Have you ever seen yourself glow in the dark? You could at Vieques Bioluminescent Bay. Dinoflagellates swim throughout the water, and when agitated, they release a energy in the form of light giving anything near it a glowing tint. Even if you prefer not to swim in the bay, this famous night attraction could give you a glow in the dark illumination view of over 700,000 different organisms.

Romantic Getaways


Romantic Sunsets is a free event among the streets of Old San Juan. Plan your romantic night out along Paseo de La Princesa and have a captivated night enjoying a walk along the beach, musical shows, and arts and crafts. You may even be able to steal a kiss from your lover by the fountain.


Enjoy your get away with your significant other by visiting the Ritz-Carlton Casino & Spa in San Juan. Along with the perfect view of the Atlantic beachfront, you could take pleasure in gambling, jet skiing, golfing, or sailing. The Museum of Arts is also located ten minutes away, giving you and your loved one a chance to bond.

Kids Zone


Do you have any youngsters that just cannot resist touching anything in site? The Museo del Nino Carolina (Children's Museum) is the right place for your young lad. This "please touch" zone is a great place for your children to enjoy pigeon chasing while learning about Puerto Rico's history. Highly recommended for children ages 6 and under.


Don Frappe and Don Maceta are both located in Anasco, Puerto Rico. They both specialize in making tasty frappes and shakes of your liking. Children are highly entertained with swings, horseback riding, video games, inflatables, train rides, etc. These sites are fun for your children and affordable for you!