Because Puerto Rico is completely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, to reach this land you would have to decide whether a plane or an boat would be the right grand entrance for you. Once you reach the island, there are plenty of reliable resources of transportation.

  • Taxi: Tourist taxis usually have a fixed rate between $10 and $20 one-way. Other taxis are metered.
  • Bus: Bus fare rates are set at a fixed price of 75 cents one-way and you will need exact change. These buses have a limited schedule and run throughout the down and near the beaches.
  • Car: Renting a vehicle is easy in Puerto Rico, but it may come with some stipulations and repercussions. Some drivers are careless of the precaution of others. There are tolls upon many highways. Parking spaces are limited to none. Many people usually create their own parking.
  • Metro: Like the bus, the metro train has a fixed rate of 75 cents one-way. There is however the option to purchase a day pass for $5 or a one-week pass for $15. The metro train does not cover all areas of Puerto Rico.
  • Ferry: Ferries have a limited capacity and only cover areas of the main island and Vieques.
  • On foot: Traveling on foot may be the best option, giving you ample time to explore your surroundings.


Before traveling to Puerto Rico, it is best to plan your transportation routes in advance and according to your location and your destinations. You may even have to use more than one source of transportation to reach your designated areas.